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Become a partner

As well as stocking our own range of products and gear we also offer partners the opportunity for direct sales on their own stocked goods.

What we offer

If you have a shop with stock and want to extend your reach and increase your audience we can offer you the exclusive opportunity to use our weather service to sell your products.

We have the tools to easily publish your products on your behalf in our shop and on our weather service pages.

We would be happy to chat with you to answer any questions you have and work out which of your inventory will work best. Then it's just a case of getting the wheels in motion.

In most cases we will carry out all technical work required to link up your products with our shop front. If you already submit products to a third party shopping service such as Google Shopping then we can simply hook in to this. Ideally we want to know automatically when you are out of stock of a certain product & the feeds will assist this.

What we ask in return

In return for successful direct sales of your products we will process the transaction then take approximately a 16% (standard commission) fee.

We then make a Bacs transfer in to your account of the cost less the fee on weekly or monthly intervals depending on volume.

We are happy to discuss any questions you may have and discuss any technical queries. Simply use our contact page to contact us and let's take it from there.

The Team

Become a partner and extend your reach

  • We provide an extension of your shop front
  • Benefit from our weather forecast service traffic on sale of your products.
  • Simple clear sales commission below industry average on successful sale.
  • Easy, friendly non technical service.